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Tiffany CarltonFollow

Date Collected

Winter 12-1-2017

Place item was collected

Fruit Heights, Utah



Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

My name is Tiffany Carlton, I am 20 years old and I am in my last year of studying Statistics at Utah State University in Logan. I was raised in Fruit Heights, Utah and graduated high honors from Davis High School. I was raised and am currently of the LDS religion. I currently work as a custodian at Utah State University. I spend most of my free time watching Netflix and cross stitching, but when I have time and motivation I love traveling and spending time outdoors, hiking, and Jeeping. I love long drives and road trips and discovering new places. My family also likes spending time on vacations and outdoors and watch a lot of football. I have a few really close friends who love to make each other laugh.


Ideally, I would have been able to ask my friend Ashley to tell me this story, but because I was unable to contact her because she is currently on an LDS mission, but I have heard this story at least 10 times when she has told it to anyone we were hanging out with that hadn’t heard it yet. I decided that I would tell my boyfriend the story to document it. I told my boyfriend the story in his room in Fruit Heights while we were both lounging on the bed. I first heard this story couple of years ago when Ashley shared it with a group of friends for the first time, and ever since then whenever there is a new person hanging out with us, we always ask Ashley to tell the “Matching Sweatpants Story.” The story is most commonly told around camp fires, because that is just where we tell stories. Ashley has never told the story without a ton of laughter by those in the group, and I really hope I did it justice.


So, my friend Ashley’s sister’s friend, who is a girl, was going on a first date with a guy. For the date, the guy picked her up and they went to a popular hiking trail that had a gift shop at the head of the trail. So before they even start the hike the guy is feeling uncomfortable because, well because he needed to fart. Farting isn’t the best thing to do on your first date with a girl. But he really had to fart so we slowly let it out, or at least he tried to. You see it was then he realized that “oh no!” that wasn’t just a fart… it was a shart… yeah he had just accidently crapped his pants, so here he is on a date with a bunch of crap in his underwear, and the poor dude was wearing kakis so there wasn’t much hope for him, he had to think fast. That is when he saw the gift shop and had a great idea! He told his date that they should go buy matching sweat pants. The girl thought this was a really weird first date activity, but didn’t really have a reason to say no, so they looked around and bought some sweatpants the came in a bag, if I remember correctly they had trains on them, but I am not really sure. The guy had the idea that they should both change into them, which again, the girl thought was pretty weird, I mean they were supposed to hike, so sweatpants would be weird, but again she didn’t want to say no. They went over to an outhouse which was the only available restroom and the boy said that we would go first. He got in and finally he could take off his spoiled underwear and shorts. He took one look at them and decided that they were past saving so he just stuffed them into the toilet hole, and watch them fall into the nastiness that was below. Then he went to open the sweatpants he had bought. He pulled off the plastic and to his horror, the “sweatpants” they had bought were actually sweatshirt. He quickly does a double take looking deep in the pit of poop and then realizes the predicament he was in. He is too embarrassed to confront the girl so he puts one leg though each arm of the sweatshirt and holds it up with his hands and runs out of the outhouse to his car and drives away, without saying a word to the girl, who had no idea what was going on. The girl eventually called her parents to pick her up. She didn’t hear from the runaway date for weeks but eventually he did tell her what actually happened that day.


When telling my boyfriend the story I did my best to tell it the way I know Ashley would, with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. I am generally less enthused than she is and I am not sure if I did the best job that I could. It is really hard to tell because, my boyfriend has only heard me tell the story. I had a lot smaller of an audience than Ashley would normally have so that effected the excitement and tone of my telling. Although I wasn’t as enthusiastic as Ashley would be I feel like I did a good job at making sure that the story was told correctly.


English 2210


Professor McNeill

Semester and year

Winter 2017


G7: Courtship

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