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Logan, Utah


Scott X

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Scott is a 22 year old male that was born and raised in Utah. He is a senior at Utah State University and is studying business. He grew up in an LDS family. I know him from a scholarship program that we are both involved in, but we have only spoken a couple times. Some of his hobbies include public speaking and business competitions. He worked at an oil company over the summer, which is where one of his stickers came from, and his family enjoys travelling (some of his stickers were brought back as souvenirs for him).


This story was told at the Christmas social for the scholarship program that we are both a part of. Normally meetings start at 4:30, but this one started at 5. We both didn’t get the memo and showed up early, so it was a little awkward but we decided to talk. I noticed he had a lot of laptop stickers, and I asked him to tell me about them. It was also loud because people were setting up in the background. Context of use is different than context of collection, because he normally wouldn’t talk about his sticker collection unless someone had the same one or complemented them, and even then, he would only talk about one sticker very briefly. He comes off as very calm and collected. Before this segment of the conversation, we talked about how much he likes stacked pancakes (the brown circle sticker) and that his sister brought back the black national forest one for him from the eclipse. He thought the peace sign Even Stevens one was kind of boring, and that Get Out games in Provo was super fun; he once was paid to take a girl from his mission on a date there (the bottom middle sticker).


“This is from like a local artist, it’s called the brick, brick mob -anyway- I went to like a local… local art fair, while we were waiting in (inaudible) Kansas? They do a lot of work- printed tees, we got really cool coasters from them, um, sometimes it’s kind’ve just like a lot of random art stuff. This sticker I thought was really funny- like a little pirate, with you know his glue stick and his… I thought it was pretty cool, it was fun to live there over the summer. My favorite is probably that one [pointing to pirate one] that one’s the funniest and the coolest? This one I got in my mission in Spain, I got it from the Canary Islands, so that’s the one I’m most emotionally attached to? But I think this one is my (inaudible) favorite.”


At first he was reluctant because he doesn’t know me very well, but as we got going he got a little louder and more excited, and told a little bit more about the later stickers. He spoke at a medium volume and calmly. He sounded a lot like a grandpa telling a memory to his grandchildren, slow and skipping around. He spoke casually, and his diversity of inflection grew as he talked more with me. As he talked about the stickers he pointed to the ones he was talking about.


Introduction to Folklore/English 2210


Dr. Lynne S. McNeill

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Fall 2017


G8: Textiles

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