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Fall 11-27-2017


Emily Holt

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

My name is Emily Ann Holt. I grew up mostly in the great state of Utah, and started school at USU in fall of 2012. I attended Utah State for two years and got my associates degree. Currently I attend BYU Hawaii and will soon graduate with a degree in hospitality management.


Emily is an extremely eccentric person. She is easily excitable and always ready to go on an adventure. I remember when I first mentioned the nunnery, she was one of the first to volunteer to go. Communication with Emily was somewhat difficult because she currently resides in Hawaii, so we needed to communicate via email, however she told me that she has often told this story at parties and it was a good ice breaker when she served her mission in Kentucky.


I first heard of the nunnery when I was a freshman in 2012. Me and a friend met some people in a parking lot who said they were going to a haunted nunnery and invited us to go with. We rode up the canyon in the back of their truck and all I remember is getting out, walking around with phone flash lights and looking at old abandoned buildings. I don't remember who I was with or any of the story behind the nunnery.

My sophomore year I met Dylan Cahoon and my life was forever changed. We drove up the canyon several times before finally finding the nunnery. We came across what looked like an old swimming pool and someone (Dylan..?) told me that when the nuns got pregnant, they would drown their babies in that pool because obviously nuns can't have children.


From her language you can tell that she tells this story almost as more of a joke than an actual telling of a legend. I only knew Emily for about 4 months, and by her saying that I changed her life it’s clear that she thinks of this story as a funny memory rather than a scary one. She is an extremely energetic person and storyteller, and I could easily envision her telling this story when conversation dies. She leaves out many of the details, but since we went on this trip 4 years ago it’s easy to believe that she would forget smaller details.


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Fall 2017


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