Drying Towel

Student Collector

Mayah ReaveleyFollow

Date Collected

Winter 12-1-2017

Place item was collected

North Logan, Utah


Mayah Reaveley

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

My name is Mayah Reaveley. I am sixteen years old and I am a junior at InTech Collegiate High School. I am participating in the early college program that the school provides. I live in North Logan, Utah and my favorite hobby is oil painting.


I told this riddle to my mom on a Friday night in my bedroom after I had told her a joke, so the mood was lighter than it might have normally been. I was sitting at my desk and she was sitting on my bed. I don’t remember where I heard this riddle, but I know that I have heard it multiple times before I told it. A natural setting to tell this riddle would be with family or friends, people who I am close with. I probably wouldn’t tell it to most younger kids because they probably would not understand or be interested in the riddle.


Me: What gets more wet as it dries?

My mom: [long pause] I don’t know, what does get more wet as it dries?

Me: A towel.

My mom: [laughs]


When I told the riddle, I could tell that my mom had not hear it before. She thought for a minute before asking for the answer. She laughed and seemed impressed with the answer to the riddle.


Introduction (ENGL 2210)


Lynn McNeil

Semester and year

Fall 2017


G10: Riddling Questions

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