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Tiffany CarltonFollow

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Winter 12-4-2017

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Logan, Utah



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My name is Tiffany Carlton, I am 20 years old and I am in my last year of studying Statistics at Utah State University in Logan. I was raised in Fruit Heights, Utah and graduated high honors from Davis High School. I was raised and am currently of the LDS religion. I currently work as a custodian at Utah State University. I spend most of my free time watching Netflix and cross stitching, but when I have time and motivation I love traveling and spending time outdoors, hiking, and Jeeping. I love long drives and road trips and discovering new places. My family also likes spending time on vacations and outdoors and watch a lot of football. I have a few really close friends who love to make each other laugh.


I keep my charm bracelets in a jewelry box in my room in my apartment in Logan. I only wear them occasionally when I attend church. Growing up I saw my mom’s charms bracelet in her jewelry box and I always wanted one too. Around my 8th birthday my Grandma gave me my first chain and charm (The bottom chain.) My first charm was a Volkswagen beetle, the car my grandpa drove most of my childhood. After getting my first chain and charm my dad took over giving me charms. Almost every time he left of a trip he brought me back a charm or two to add to my bracelet. The first bracelet filled up fast, and eventually my parents bought me another chain, and we filled that one up too. Although my dad slowed down on buying me charms because I have been lazy about adding them to my bracelets, every time we are on a trip he always makes me look at the charms and asks if I want any. Although I have been bad at adding to this collection of late, I do plan on adding more charms as I continue my life. My bracelets are a reminder of where I have been, and where my dad has been, as well as a gift of love from my dad, and they mean the world to me.


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Although I don’t do it often I love wearing my charm bracelets. When I was little I wore them hoping people would ask me to show them the charms. My little church friends almost always did. I was always very jingly when wore them and it was kind of distracting to me. I would go through each one and tell them where it was from, and I would tell them which one was my favorite and they would pick a favorite too most of the time. I always looked forward to my dad getting home from his trips so I could see what kind of pin I got, and I had a really rough time when I was on the trip with them and I had the task of picking out one pin to remember the trip by. I think that my bracelets are really cool and I love showing them off to people.


English 2210


Professor McNeill

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Fall 2017


G8: Objects with/of Customary Use

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