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Logan, UT


Nicole Pope

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I am currently living in Logan, Utah and Utah State University. I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my parents and 4 younger siblings. I have three younger brothers and one younger sister. My family was a very religious Mormon family, but we lived in an area that was predominantly Catholic and Atheist.


My family was always pretty tight-knit and I always felt responsible for my younger siblings. I spent a lot of time babysitting my younger siblings when we were growing up. When we were growing up, my sister Alyssa and I didn’t always get along. We were 5 years apart and the age difference made it harder to understand and appreciate each other. We’re a lot closer now that we’ve grown up a bit more. I wasn’t until I was older and in high school that I gave Alyssa a nickname. I started to call her Sissa which was an odd combination of her name Alyssa and the word sister. She’s naturally a little dramatic and the name seemed to fit her pretty well so, I just kept calling her Sissa. I’m the only one who calls her Sissa, but my entire family knows the nickname. They always know who I’m talking about when I refer to her by the nickname.


My nickname for my sister Alyssa is Sissa. I combined her name with the word sister. Sister + Alyssa = Sissa.


I call my sister, Sissa in a loving manner. I’ve never really used the nickname to make fun of her or embarrass her. I call her Sissa at home and when I’m talking to my family members in person or over the phone. I never use the nickname Sissa when we’re in public though, since no one outside of my immediate family is familiar with the nickname and I don’t want to embarrass my sister.


Introduction to Folklore, Engl 2210


Dr. Lynne S. McNeill

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Fall 2017


G3: Folk Speech

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