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Fruit Heights, Utah


Lee Carlton

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Lee Carlton is my father and he grew up in various cities in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah. He is 52 years old accountant who enjoys traveling and outdoor adventures such as hiking off-roading, climbing, hunting, and backpacking and tries to spend any vacation days he has off doing such activities. He served in the United States Army in Saudi Arabia during the Persian Gulf War. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and an Eagle Scout who has been active in scouting for many years. Lee currently resides with his family and two dogs in Fruit Heights, Utah.


The pin collection is hanging on the wall in Lee’s bedroom and isn’t seen by many people, except for immediate family. I have had the privilege of watching it grow over the last ten or so years. The collection started out being on the Olympic bell lanyard seen in the left hand side of the picture but as it grew the pins were then placed on the tack board. The collection contains some pins off of Lee’s army uniform, some pins given to him by his children to help the collection, some Eagle Scout mentor pins, and other random pins from life, but for the most part the pins have been collected by Lee during his travels to various places, mostly in the United States. On every trip he goes on Lee checks out various gift shops to find pins he likes and comes home with anywhere from none to several depending on how many he likes. He chose to collect pins because “They are a cheap way to remember the places I have been.” I interviewed Lee about the collection at the dinner table.


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When asked about the collection at the dinner table he wasn’t very excited and was pretty matter of fact. But I have seen him spending a lot of time picking out pins and asking whoever he was traveling what they thought of the pin choices. I have also been present every time he gets home from a trip and proudly and with great excitement shows the family the pins he brought back. Although the pins are not kept in a place that everyone can see them the collection is something Lee and his family are proud of.


Introduction to Folklore, English 2210


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Fall 2017


G8: Objects with/of Customary Use

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