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South Jordan, Utah


Sheryl Dority

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Sheryl and her family have lived next door to my family for the past 15 years. Sheryl is a nurse and worked at LDS hospital until last year. She now works for IHC as a “digital nurse” assisting in hospital rooms remotely. She grew up in Vernal, Utah.


This event took place at Sheryl’s original place of employment, LDS hospital, when she was in her twenties.


I was single and it was my first nursing job. There were several other young single nurses working with me as well. We had an amazing head nurse with a great sense of humor. Because of that, she put up with and was often the recipient of many of our night time shenanigans.

There was a huge snow storm. During our shift we could see the snow piling up outside the windows of the LDS Hospital. The windows were such that we could unlock them and swing them open. Before long, the windows were open and we were making snowballs. Someone came up with the bright idea of building a snowman. Pink bath basins were gathered up and many trips downstairs and outside later, we had enough snow for an awesome snowman. But where should we build this snowman? We all came to the same conclusion. It was early in the morning and our nurse manager would be arriving very soon. “The perfect place would be her office!” So we gathered a couple of waterproof pads and place them on the floor of Alice’s office. Within a few short minutes, several snowflakes had been cut to hang about and a four foot snowman stood ready to greet our boss when she opened the door! Frosty the Snowman welcomed her to work that day.


Sheryl has told this story many times throughout the time I’ve known her. She sent me this story as an email when many of my collection items fell through. She worked as an ER Trauma nurse, and that is definitely her personality, always ready to help in times of crisis.


ENGL 2210


Dr. Lynne McNeill

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Fall 2018


G6: Pranks

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