Student Collector

Stan KourisFollow

Date Collected

Fall 11-27-2018

Place item was collected

Logan, UT


Abby Fuller

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Abby Fuller is a sophomore at Utah State studying to become an elementary school teacher. She lives in Alpine, Utah when not at school, but originally from Connecticut but moved here when she was 7. She went to Lone Peak high school and danced there on the drill team. She is also my girlfriend and we have been dating for a little over a year now.


I had collected this from Abby while we were hanging out at my dorm in a very casual setting about a couple weeks after Halloween. My roommates were in the common area listening to music and talking while Abby and I were just sitting in my room. The dorm smelled like any other dorm that has eight guys living in it, kind gross. My room though didn’t smell bad it just smells like coffee and it was kinda cold because I like to keep my window open when I sleep. She has hung out at my dorm many times and this was not different than any of those times. Abby and I were both there when we went legend tripping to Witch Hecita. She had never heard of the legend and I had to explain to her what it was and what the steps were to summon her. I had been begging Abby to go summon Witch Hecita on Halloween ever since the beginning of October when I had first heard about it from my folklore professor, though freaked out by the idea of summoning a witch she humored me and went.


So we drove up Logan Canyon probably thirtyish minutes, then we turned down this road, um i don’t remember what it’s called. (Me interjecting): “Temple fork.” Oh yeah, Temple Fork road, and then Stan brought us to this little patch of land then he was like “get out of the car” so we got out of the car and there was two cars there was our car and another car. Then, um, we had to put our keys on the hood of the car, and then you had to say: “Witch Hecita, Witch Hecita, Witch Hecita” then you, spin, right? It was something along those lines, and then you are supposed to look for the green lantern or the red dog eyes and we did the but we didn’t really seen anything but we waited a couple of seconds and then all of a sudden and, out of the corner of my eye I, I see a green, like, light shine, so I’m DEAD, and like AHHHHHHHHHH WE ARE GONNA DIE! So then, but then we figured out, cause this kid ruined it, that the other car brought a green laser to shine to scare us, so that was quite silly. And then we got back in the car and Stan is like “let’s go a little further up the canyon” because Stan didn't really know where it was, and so, we go further up the canyon and we get out and the exact same thing, we don’t see anything but it was SO dark and it was SO scary, so we just get back in the car and we are all freaking out, well all the girls were freaking out, and then we are driving down, and stan turned off the lights of the car, so we thought the car stopped in the middle of the canyon with no service and we freak out but he we just being a little silly boy and then we drove back down the canyon and we were all REALLY REALLY scared. And never did see Witch Hecita. And, so yeah that’s the story.


Abby told this story as if she was telling a funny story, when she got to the parts of the story where she was scared, then she used her hands and tone of voice to act out what happened, but it was in a sarcastic way not really a truly frightening way. The part in the story where it says AHHH she actually did make a noise that was like she was screaming and put her hands up in the air, but she did it in a funny way not a scary way. In the moment up in the canyon though, when it really happened, she actually screamed super loud and ran away from when she was as fast as should could to me and really was super scared. When she said the part in the story where she said I was just being a silly boy, she said it in a high pitched voice as if the situation was not that big of a deal, but in the moment she did in fact yell at me and told me that was not funny at all that I had turned off the headlights and made them think we were stranded. I would also say that she was definitely the one that was the most scared out of all the people that were there with us trying to summon the witch. So she is very misleading when she is telling the story and tells it like she was laughing the whole time, but she was most definitely a scaredy cat.


ENGL 2210


Dr. Lynn McNeil

Semester and year

Fall 2018


G7: People Known for Supernatural or Supernormal Power

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