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Fall 2018

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Logan, UT



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My name is Mo Rhoades. I am a fourth year student at Utah State University. I was born in Provo, Utah but I graduated high school in a suburb of Chicago called Minooka, IL. I am a resident assistant on campus and am a big fan of fan cultures and communities. I am an active producer of digital art and fan works. I am one of the readers that leaves a comment on every chapter.


I created this meme as part of the 2018 Dannypocalypse. I used the cleaned vector art of the screen capture used in the event as made and distributed by @sarasanddollar on Tumblr through her Tumblr blog, Discord server, and Slack group. I edited the face over the faces of the X-men Gold #30 wedding issue cover that was announced in late winter 2018 and was released officially in June 2018. This is the image used for the dannypocalypse event. It is just an inbetween frame that the international group-chat found and thought was funny. The show Danny Phantom aired for the first time on April 3, 2005. So the fans of the show on Tumblr decided to celebrate with an event similar to the Mishapocalypse which occurred in 2013. While the Danny Phantom fan community is small in online places, it is well-known and actively producing content (fan art, fan writing, fan comics, etc.) which enabled the tag “dannypocalypse” to trend for the better part of the day on April 3. My meme is editing the dannypocalypse face over the cover for X-men Gold #30. Prior to the dannypocalypse, I had participated in discussions regarding the teased cover for this X-men issue. The general discussion of this cover was that all the faces were drawn slightly pained, skeptical, or like they are forcing themselves to be happy. The fans of the X-men were not particularly happy or excited for this issue. So I decided to edit it for the dannypocalypse to bring a laugh to other fans.


See Attached Images. Edited X-men cover with Danny Phantom faces over all the other faces.


The dannypocalypse is meant to be funny and show up in as many dashboards as possible. The styles are dissimilar to make the edit obvious. The blank stares of the Danny Phantom faces edited are similar to the X-men fandom’s reaction to the release of X-men Gold #30.


ENGL 2210


Lynne McNiell

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Fall 2018


G9: Internet Memes

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