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Date Collected

Winter 12-3-2018

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Logan, UT


Dreyson Cattani

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Dreyson is a freshman at Utah State this year. He is originally from Arizona but came up to Utah to snowboard. He is a finance major and plans to become financial adviser.


I had barged into Drey’s room while there was he was hanging out with his friend Sydney and a couple of my roomates. The roommates were having a different conversation on the other side of the room, and Drey and Sydney and I were on the other. The rest of my roommates were out in the living room listening to music loud and talking. There was something funky in our fridge and it kind of smelt bad out there so that why I think they were all taking shelter in his room, because it smelt a lot better in there. They were in the middle of a conversation but I had cut them off to see if they had and stories about work initiations or ghost stories so that I could interview them. Sydney did have some stories and had gotten done telling some ouija board stories that made Drey and I look at her in disbelief. It was kind of funny that we went from telling these chilling ghost stories to Dreys story, which was about a dance move that he had to do at his job.


I worked at Top Golf, for six whole days, and, um, one my first day of training the first thing they taught us, was that, anytime the wobble, come on, the speakers while they are playing music, um, you gotta stop what you are doing, and do the dance that they teach you, the wobble. So, like, if you're on shift and that song comes on, you gotta stop whatever you are doing and you just gotta dance. And uh, I don’t currently work there anymore.

Me: “What was the dance.”

Oh, ok so the dance, it’s like, it’s the same one that you do for country swing, so for the wobble what you’re going to do is, you’re just gonna stand up, you're just gonna lean back a little bit and you're just gonna like shake your shoulders back, ya know just let your arms go, and then you are gonna do that forward at a different part of the song, and then, you’re gonna like, pretend that you are just rolling some dough up on left and up on the right, and then you just gonna do some other steps, but like, it’s pretty funny not gonna lie. It was the like initiation it was, like, the first thing that they ever taught us. So yeah.


Dreyson told the story with a smile on his face and like he was excited to reenact what he had to learn while he was on the job. When he said how long he worked there, there seemed to be a joke behind why it was so short, or maybe he just thought it was funny how short he had worked there by the way he had said it. When I asked him what the dance was he immediately got up and started doing it. Sydney and I had been laughing throughout the whole time he was telling the story and was laughing at this point of it too. He got into it and started shaking his shoulders and rolling the dough on either side of his head like the wobble had just come on and he was back at Top Golf. The way that he made it sound too was that it was a tradition that the staff of Top Golf liked to do, unlike some initiations, this was a fun one. He made it sound like not only was it fun to do, but it was also fun to watch his co workers do it as well. I believe he told this story the way he would always tell it, to be funny and full of laughter. He was also cracking up a bit at thinking of what he did at Top Golf and when he reenacted it for us.


ENGL 2210


Dr. Lynn McNeil

Semester and year

Fall 2018


G6: Pranks

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