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Kelsey LundFollow

Date Collected

Fall 12-1-2017

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Logan, Utah


Angel Lopez

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Angel Lopez is a senior at Utah State University and is currently studying marketing at the John Eccles’s School of Business. He is also the member of a fraternity on campus, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Angel Lopez is the youngest of two siblings. His parents immigrated from Mexico. He has lived in multiple states across the United States but calls Logan, Utah home. He is engaged to Shelby Taylor and they will be married in May after they both finish school. Angel is not only a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp for short) but was also the president during the 2017 year. He has a strong love and passion for helping people, especially his fiancé.


In most sororities and fraternities, there is a special recognition of certain men or women, respectively. In Sigma Phi Epsilon, they call the women they honor their Sweetheart. It is known as an honor to be named a fraternity’s favorite girl or sweetheart. Partial recognition of this honor is having the entire chapter sing the Sweetheart their Sweetheart song. The singing of this song is specific to SigEp Sweethearts. The qualifications of a SigEp Sweetheart are that they are chosen by the chapter or that they are marrying a member of the fraternity. The song is sung when recognizing a Sweetheart. This has happened at sorority houses, fraternity houses, chapter gatherings where Sweethearts might be, or at weddings. The song is generally sung with the entire chapter. Angel shared this song while in the study room of the Kappa Delta Sorority House. He was studying with Shelby, his fiancé. Shelby and Angel are often at the house together studying. Angel, Shelby and I were in the study room along with our other sisters Lauren and Haley. I had previously asked Lauren, Haley, and Shelby for stories and songs.



Of all the girls of college years

There’s one that I love most

For he she wears the golden heart

For her, I sing this song

My Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart

Wonderful SigEp Girl

True as the heart that you’re wearing

You send my hear in a whirl

Violets and roses,

My heart discloses

Say that you love me too

My Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart

Wonderful SigEp Shelby.


Hearing his fiancé sing the Daggerman song, this reminded angel of the SigEp Sweetheart song. When I asked him if they had a song, he said yes. When I asked Angel to sing it he was apprehensive at first but agreed to do so for me. The song was sung directly at Shelby, which explains why he said “Shelby” at the end. He further explained that the portion of the song, “Violets and roses; My heart discloses; Say that you love me too” is often yelled and very intense. Angel described it as an aggressive way of saying it. In addition to the aggressive tone, each brother will get down on one knee and bring their right hand into a fist and raise it slightly, creating a powerful stance. After singing this song, he later found a YouTube video to show me the more common way this is sung. It shows the aggression at “Violets and roses” part. This video was from a wedding in which the brothers present were singing it to a bride. I could not find a way to upload the video.


Introduction to Folklore/ English 2210


Dr. Lynne S. McNeill

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Fall 2017


G5: Child and Young Adult Songs

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SigEpsweetheart.mp3 (1107 kB)