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Fall 11-11-2017

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Meridian, California


Laverne Reische

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Laverne (Verne) Reische is my grandfather on my father’s side. Verne still resides in the same area our family has been for many years; his home is located on our family farm where walnuts are grown. My grandfather grew up on that same farm, however it was much smaller than. My family has resided in the Sacramento Valley along the Sacramento River for four generations now. Most of our family on that side still resides in that same area, so there are many cousins who become very good friends while growing up. This was the case for my grandfather, he was less wealthy than his cousins, so he spent lots of time with them growing up.


My grandpa told me this story in response to my aunt’s [Karla] question, “What was it like when you went to movies with grandpa Reische?” We were in my aunt’s living room when my grandfather told me this story. The Colusa theatre is only about 10 miles from our farm, however to get to the theatre in Colusa you have to drive on a windy levee road which in the broad daylight can be considered dangerous.


We used to get fog a lot worse than we did now, so I used to get out and walk the white line with a flashlight. He’d drive right behind. [Karla: so you were walking?] Well I mean they had fenders then so we would ride on the fenders. I went with grandpa every Friday night. Grandpa was a Western Cowboy movie freak. So they had Westerns at the movies in Colusa every Friday night. If anybody wanted to go with grandpa to the movies they just had to show up.


You could tell that my grandpa remembers his grandfather fondly. He told this story with laughter and joy. It was humorous to him how in awe we were as he was telling the story. I think he enjoyed seeing the expression of, ‘seriously!’ on everyone’s faces.


ENGL 2210


Lynne McNeill

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Fall 2017


G7: Marriage and Family

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