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Fall 11-30-2017

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Logan, Utah. Collector's Apartment.


Elise Teichert

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

My name is Elise Teichert. I am 24 years old and am currently living in Logan with my husband, Bronson, attending Utah State. I plan to get my Bachelors Degree in Social Studies Composite Teaching and am considering furthering my education and obtaining a Masters Degree in School Counseling. I am also a licensed cosmetologist and do hair out of my apartment. I also have a part-time job working at a small business that manufactures industrial floor cleaners. I grew up in the small town of Ferron, Utah and love every bit of small town living. I have also lived in Atlanta, Georgia and neighboring cities while I served a mission for the LDS church. I enjoy singing, playing the piano, riding horses, camping, fishing, and relaxing with my family. One could say I am an active bearer of family folklore and traditions because reliving memories and passing on information about my family is one of my passions. Family is very important to me and I find great satisfaction in being with them.


I told this quote to my husband when we were talking about my side of the family, especially my dad. We were saying different quotes and then this one popped up. This quote first came about 15 years ago but has since become part of a family inside joke, and even been put on t-shirts and blankets. The first time my dad said it was when we were fighting as kids. In a family of 5 siblings being only 2-3 years apart between each of us, we fought and argued pretty regularly. There was one specific time that it got out of hand. I don’t remember what the argument was about specifically but I do remember my dad intervening. The argument got pretty heated and just before everything exploded, Dad jumped in the middle and yelled, “Enough is enough is enough is enough!” All of us siblings looked at each other, kind of surprised by our dad’s intervention but more amused at how he intervened. My oldest brother Garrett turned to my dad with a mischievous grin and said in a mocking and quiet tone, “is enough, is enough, is enough, is enough.” The rest of us started giggling and my dad started laughing as well, most definitely at himself but also at the fact that we found it so funny. Luckily, he did his job and the argument ended. Since then it has become a big part of our family sayings, saying it whenever there was an argument, even if mostly out of sarcasm, in the home. After Dad passed away it became something said to remember him and in our own way feel like he was still a part of our lives. This last summer we had our first official DeBry family reunion where we spent an entire weekend camping together. My mom decided to surprise us with a t-shirt that says in big letters, “Enough is enough is ENOUGH.” Even though the quote is used completely out of its original context, even being shortened to only three “enough’s”, it is still a big part of our family culture today.


Enough is enough is enough.


When telling my husband the quote, I said the phrase really fast, without any breaks or pauses between the words. It almost sounds like it’s been meshed into one big word, “enoughisenoughisenough”. When I say it to remember my dad, like I was doing with my husband, I say it in a mild tone, without getting louder or softer. But when it is said to end an argument, the volume of the phrase naturally gets louder by the last enough, almost like a crescendo in music that progressively gets louder. When it is said in a joking way, most often to end an argument that is more sarcastic or not serious, the quote is often lengthened to more than 5 or 6 “enough’s”, with short pauses in between each repeat and it gets quieter and more awkward by the end. When my dad originally said the quote it was in a booming voice, definitely taking parental control of the situation.


Introduction to Folklore/English 2210


Dr. Lynne McNeill

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Fall 2017


G3: Folk Speech

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