Food $ense Social Media Outreach-Table for One Blog


Chelsea Preedy

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USU Student Showcase

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Mateja Roskos Savoie, Heidi Leblanc


Food $ense (SNAP-Ed) connects program participants with the knowledge and skills they need for continual access to safe and healthy foods (1). In 2013, the Supplemental Nutrition Program, known as SNAP-Ed, provided assistance to over 47 million low-income individuals each month (2). This government funded educational program strives to reach more low-income individuals every day through a variety of methods. The most recent initiatives include electronic media and technology. The Pew Research Center revealed that 72% of individuals with a household income of less than $30,000 a year have access to and use online social media(3). Table For One, a Food $ense blog, was developed with the intent of reaching out through social media to SNAP eligibles, specifically those who have not yet been exposed to the program. Each week the blog sends out nutrition and cooking lessons to readers from over 50 countries across the globe. A typical lesson includes a healthy and budget friendly recipe along with information about a particular food or new cooking concept. Since its launch in June of 2013, Table For One has had over 5,600 total views and has grown to more than 960 followers (4). Blog data and statistics show that social media has allowed Food $ense to expand its outreach exponentially and will continue to do so.

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