Recommendations for Publishing a Student Anthology


Ariel Peterson

Document Type


Journal/Book Title/Conference

USU Student Showcase

Publication Date


Faculty Mentor

Rebecca Walton, Ryan Moeller, Phoebe Jensen


I have worked as an intern for the Voices program for the past year and this summer I helped to overhaul the program's anthology, Voices in Print. As we discussed the possibility of expanding the anthology, I became interested in the specific challenges inherent to this type of document. This spring, I also had an opportunity to be published in a similar anthology of student work: Scribendi, a collection of student work selected and published through the University of New Mexico for the Western Region Honors Council (WRHC). I was interested in the purpose of anthological collections of student work and the possible benefits for students and instructors. I have found very little existing research on the topic of student anthologies and this has brought me to feel that compiling recommendations and examples from the publication of such a document would be a unique and significant contribution to my field.

This thesis will aim to provide useful, document-specific recommendations for individuals creating/publishing anthologies of student writing. Although the final thesis document will be directed to technical writers, directors of such programs, graphic designers, and instructors could benefit from these recommendations. My thesis work will include the required written component as well as practical application of my research through work on a published anthology: Voices in Print.

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