The Bra and its Effects on Women and Society


Amelia Hooper

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USU Student Showcase

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The project examines the social, physical, and emotional aspects connected with women wearing bras. Throughout history women have subjected their bodies to clothing that change their natural shapes, such as corsets and brassieres because of the pressures of society. Brassieres have no positive effects on the body, but rather they prohibit natural bodily functions, they are a way for men and society to control women, and bras negatively affect the female image. Women do not have much of a choice when it comes to wearing a bra. Most places in the work force will not allow women to work without one and it is seen as improper to go without one in public. Women who do venture in public braless are branded with names like slut or easy. They are negatively thought of as bra burning feminists. The goal of the project is to make people aware of the problems associated with wearing bras so that changes can be made in society. These changes may include, more easily accepting the natural female body and desexualizing the breasts. These changes can help women to overcome pressures from the media and society and be able to accept their natural body.

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