Comparison of Infrared Gas Analyzer and Sonic Anemometer (IRGASON) with CSAT3 Sonic Anemometer


Dylan Finlayson

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USU Student Showcase

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Campbell Scientific Inc. has developed a new system for measuring CO2 and H2O flux near the surface of the earth. This system, the Infrared Gas Analyzer and Sonic Anemometer (IRGASON) consists of two components. The first component is an infrared gas analyzer which measures the amount of the CO2 and H20 in the atmosphere at that point. The second component is a sonic anemometer, which measures wind speed in all three spatial directions. Though the IRGASON was designed for minimal interference with the wind, it was possible that the gas analyzer was affecting the air current, making the quality of the anemometeras measurements suspect. This experiment was designed to compare the anemometer on the IRGASON with a industry accepted anemometer, the CSAT3, over the course of several months. The transducers on both the Irgason and CSAT3 are also capable of measuring air temperature. The results show that on average, the anemometer is accurate to within the offset error of the CSAT3 for the both the horizontal and vertical components of wind speed.

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