Classroom Amplification


Kalley Ellis

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Journal/Book Title/Conference

USU Student Showcase

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Faculty Mentor

Sonia Manual-Dupont


In today's world, there are many different pieces of technology available which have the ability to enhance an individual's hearing capabilities. One such piece of technology is classroom amplification, which increases a sound's loudness, allowing for the listener, especially those with hearing loss, to better hear. In order to understand the importance of classroom amplification however, a general understanding of what it is and its implications are necessary. The history and basic types of amplification are discussed, as well as an in depth look at classroom amplification and its necessity. The sole purpose of the research regarding classroom amplification is to educate the public on an issue that has seemed to have fallen into the shadows. With knowledge comes interest, and from interest stems action, simply meaning that through the knowledge that may be gained from the research on classroom amplification a desire with develop within individuals to do something to help increase the presence of amplification in the classroom.

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