Exploring the Potential of Video Games as Educational and Story-Telling Tools


Kelsen Kitchen

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USU Student Showcase

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Faculty Mentor

Ryan Moeller


My project is a combination of an attempt to explore the potential of video games as educational and storytelling tools. The central questions I sought to answer at the beginning of this project are twofold: 1) How can video games be used as tools to educate players? 2) How can video games be used to tell stories, and how are they unique from other storytelling methods? In pursuit of the answer to the first question, I conducted a literature review of articles that explored how various video games being used as educational tools. The articles covered a diverse span of contexts in which games are used, including classroom settings, marketing campaigns, and even private gameplay. To answer my second question, I wrote and built a choose-your-own adventure game myself. I sought to combine storytelling and multimedia elements that I had learned about and became interested in through my college career. I built the game using animation and interactive elements unique to HTML5 as part of an independent study for my multimedia development minor. I conducted usability tests on the various iterations of the game based on what I learned in the technical communication program.

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