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This article describes research on a Multigenre Digital Inquiry Project (MDIP), a technology-infused project designed to provide an opportunity for students to inquire about a topic of interest and share their research using 21st century technologies. Instead of composing a research paper or literature review, students designed a website with pieces written in multiple genres to share their learning, including at least two pieces created using digital tools. In this article, the authors share the design of the MDIP and how it was implemented in three teacher education courses. Data analysis aimed to understand how pre-service teachers engaged in this project and reflected on their learning. Using themes from the analysis of students’ end-of-semester reflections and memos written about the pieces included in the projects, the authors share how students valued support in various areas including technology, how they expanded their views of writing and genre, and how their experiences illustrated academic, personal, and pedagogical growth. Ultimately, students learned from this challenging, yet rewarding experience. Finally, the authors share suggestions for others interested in incorporating a MDIP in their work.



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