Examining the Influence of Additional Field-Based Experiences on Pre-Service Teachers and Their Percieved Ability to Teach

Sarah K. Clark, Utah State University


Over the last few decades, teacher education programs worldwide have experienced greater scrutiny than ever before in the form of government initiatives, mandated policy, and critical reports (Edwards, Gilroy, & Hartley, 2002). Examples of recent government initiatives and mandates include the Australian government reforming higher education, the French teacher education programs experiencing a major overhaul, and the government driven changes to teacher education in England. Examples of reform efforts include the Scottish Teachers for a New Era in Scotland, and the Carnegie Teachers for a New Era in the United States, (see Hobson, Malderez, Tracey, & Kerr, 2005). Interestingly enough, many of these reforms have taken place with little to no discussion or debate (Ellis, 2009).