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Physical, visual and theatrical, Trailer is a piece in which embraces the Americana inherent in Sam Shepard’s plays: the wide-open roads, deserted motels and seedy bars. A man and woman, stuck in their trailer, swept by the heat and dust of the relentless winds rolling off the endless mid-Western plains; they fight, argue, struggle to connect as they wrestle with their dreams...the All American Rock Star...the Perfect Home-Maker...the Happy Couple...Bound by the walls, their own insecurities and by the cloying restlessness of their relationship, they strive desperately to find way out, a way to realise their fantasies, to escape from the tyranny of themselves and each other. Working with a highly-developed physicality, a haunting soundtrack and superb projection of live animation, Indian Runner evoke an intense world, charged with emotion and stifled desire.


Direction and Choreography: Camille Litalien
Design, Animation and Costumes: Marie Blunck
Devised and performed by: Camille Litalien, Marie Blunck, Nicholas Cass-beggs
Assistant to the director and understudy: Anna Freeman
First cast: Camille Litalien, Marie Blunck, Simon Rice
Sound Editing: Adrian Ward
Piano: Malcolm Bruce
Percussions: Louis
Lights: Martina Von Holn
Music: Suspicious Mind , Elvis Presley, I wanna be loved by you, Helen Kane, Hooked on a feeling, Blue Suede, You Cheated, You Lied, The Shields, New Art, The Indelicates.
Video of the production.