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The Sevier River is one of the most important sources of irrigation water in Utah. It rises in two main branches. The south fork rises in Kane County and flows almost due north to Junction in Piute County, where it joins the east fork, which rises partly in Garfield County and partly in Sevier County. The Garfield County branch of the east fork flows north, and the Sevier County Branch flows south to Coyote where the two tributaries join and flow westward into Junction. From Junction, the river flows northward past Marysvale, Sevier, Richfield, Salina, Gunnison, and Mills, where it takes a westerly course to Leamington and from there a southwesterly course past Delta, Oasis, and Deseret, and into the Sevier Lake, part of which lies in Millard and part in Beaver County.



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