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Oats have been among the five or six leading crops in acreage grown in Utah since its settlement. For many years Swedish Select has been by far the most predominant variety. This variety is well adapted to Utah conditions, but because of its high susceptibility to loose and covered smut, it is not the most desirable.

In 1934, after extensive trials, the variety, Markton, which is resistant to loose and covered smuts, was introduced into the state to replace Swedish Select. In those trials, Markton averaged 13 percent higher in acre yield than Swedish Select. Markton possessed one drawback in that it had a yellowish kernel, whereas Swedish Select produced a large white kernel. As a result of this, Markton has never been grown extensively in the state. Uton, which is a selection from the Markton x Swedish Select cross, is a high-yielding variety resistant to both loose and covered smuts, and yet produces a large white kernel similar to that of Swedish Select. The good qualities of both Swedish Select and Markton appear to have been combined in Uton.



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