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At the request of the dairymen in the Ogden milk shed the Department of Agricultural Economics, Utah Agricultural Experiment Station, made an analysis of 162 dairy farms in the Ogden area for the years 1937, 1938 and 1939. The study covered the entire farm business and a detailed analysis of the dairy enterprise.

Since production of dairy products is closely associated with, and is affected by, the marketing institutions which provide outlets for these products, an analysis of marketing phases was made through a study of Weber Central Dairy Association , one of the larger dairies of the area . The objective of this study was to ascertain the factors affecting the marketing of dairy products and the relationship of marketing to production. This report, therefore, gives a general description of Weber Central Dairy Association, a cooperative association, together with an analysis of its financial history and methods used in marketing sweet cream butter, powdered milk, and market milk.



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