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The method employed in this study is to select a comparatively important segment of living--housing--for careful appraisement with the purpose of comparing different groups and localities with respect to it. Comparisons are made (1) between Utah and other states, (2) between counties of Utah, and (3) between four Utah communities. The data include the house, home conveniences, the automobile, the streets ad joining the house, newspapers, magazines, books, and connection with water, sewer, power and telephone lines. The segment is thus not small. The groups are segregated by the vocation, farm and nonfarm, from which the living is made. The communities consist of four northern Utah villages each of a different type. The purpose of the inquiry is to find out how successful the different vocational groups living in different types of. communities have been over the years in providing satisfactory homes for their families.

This study, therefore, constitutes an appraisement of housing conditions that exist among the chief rural farm and nonfarm groups in the communities studied.



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