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The Nephi Field Station is the oldest dry-Iand experimental farm in America still in operation. It was established in 1903 by action of the Utah legislature and has been in continuous operation since. Five other arid experimental farms were established in Utah at the same time (Widtsoe and Merrill 1905) but they were all discontinued prior to 1920 (Harris et al. 1920).

The Nephi Field Station has had a most interesting history, and it is worthy of note that many of the men who were closely associated with it during its early history subsequently distinguished themselves as outstanding leaders. The station came into being largely as a result of the efforts of Dr. John A. Widtsoe, noted irrigation and dry farm authority of the west until his death in 1952. Under his leadership a systematic investigation was undertaken in 1901 to determine the possibilities of farming without irrigation in Utah. The experimental farm at Nephi was established largely as a result of that study.



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