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The codling moth has been in the State of Utah for over twenty-five years and is now injuriously abundant in every apple-growing section. It is by far the worst pest with which the fruit grower has to contend. In fact, it usually does more damage than all the other fruit insects put together.

It occurs throughout every apple-growing region of the United States, and is found in almost every country where the apple is grown, destroying from one-fourth to three-fourths of the apple crop where no effort is made to check its ravages. Dr. Howard the United States Entomologist, recently estimated the annual loss in this country at $11,000,000. From observations on conditions in different parts of the State last year, $80,000 would seem to be a conservative estimate of its annual damage to the apple industry in Utah.

As a result of much study and many experiments by a number of entomologists a fairly definite and successful method of control was adopted for the Eastern States and has been carried out in practice by the more enterprising orchardists for a number of years.



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