James Dryden

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This bulletin reports experiments extending over several

years on the following subjects:

1. The egg-type in hens.

2. Breeding to increase egg yield.

3. Cost and profit of egg production.

4. Weight and cost of food eaten.

5. The value of exercise for the laying hen.

6. The relative value of different breeds.

7. The most profitable age of the hen.

8. The relative value of different forms of animal food.

9. The value of fat in poultry foods.

10. Feeding color into the egg.

11. Incubator experiments.

12. Tests of evaporation of eggs during incubation.

13. Tests of carbonic acid gas in incubators and under hens.

14. Action of carbonic acid gas on egg shells.

15. Growing ducklings.

16. Fattening turkeys.



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