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There are many problems connected with the housing of poultry. Among them the question of egg fertility is one of the most important. We have begun investigations at this Station to learn if possible what kind or method of housing is most conducive to a high percentage of fertility in the eggs. It is a serious question with many poultrymen how to maintain the percentage of fertile eggs, and there have been cases where the poultryman has been driven out of the business because of inability to renew his flock. There is little doubt that the artificial methods, both in housing and raising, under which modern poultrymen conduct their business are largely responsible for the great losses in the business. The evidence is very meager showing that the domestic fowl can retain her constitutional vigor under highly artificial conditions. Artificial methods of housing are usually found in connection with artificial methods of hatching and raising, and it was for this reason that we planned our experiments in both housing and incubation.



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