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The investigations conducted at the Nephi substation deal primarily with cereals; other crops, such as alfalfa, peas, corn, potatoes, etc., have occupied only a secondary position in the work of this station. This necessarily has been true because the experiments are confined to dry-land practices, and the cereals unquestionably comprise the basal crops for dry-land farming as it is now understood and practiced in Utah. No crops have been found as yet which yield so profitably on the dry lands as do the cereals, especially winter varieties.

The purpose of this bulletin is to review the work done on the Nephi substation with crops other than cereals, and to point out the possible utilization of the results obtained. Both success and failure have been experienced in this work, with no truly startling results; but sufficient promising data are included in the results to warrant publication at this time. It is believed that the publication of these results will stimulate further efforts along these lines.



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