E. G. Carter

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Successful dairy farming is fast growing into an exacting profession, and in order to be successful the dairy farmer must not only recognize the value of good clean milk but must know how to produce it as well. Good milk, good butter, and good cheese are acknowledged to be in great demand, and each brings fair financial returns.

Since the beginning of the dairy industry one of the big difficulties has been that of obtaining clean milk and cream. By applying the best scientific methods in the manufacture of dairy products the ill effect of impure milk can be partly overcome, but it is impossible to manufacture a strictly first-class product from low-grade, milk.

The health requirements for milk are also becoming more rigid every year, and it is up to the dairymen to produce milk of better quality to meet these requirements. People are being encouraged to use more dairy products; therefore, we should be able to say that milk comes from clean herds and clean stables, and is handled right all along the line. Expensive equipment is not essential for a good dairy, but common sense and a strict ruling as to cleanliness are necessary.