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The basis of a good fruit exhibit is necessarily good cultural conditions to produce good fruit. Then it depends on the exhibitor's ability to select his best fruit. Do not wait until the crop is picked to select show specimens. The successful exhibitor makes his prize selections in the orchard while the fruit i still on the tree. By viewing the fruit as it hangs naturally on the tree, and by carefully surveying the different trees in the orchard a good comparison of a large quantity of fruit can be made. The prize fruit is generally on the outermost branches, where it gets sufficient light to be of proper color for the variety, and is enabled to grow without injury or deformity. The tree or actual specimens may be selected any time during the season, but they should remain on the tree until fully mature. Thoroughly thinning the fruit on the selected tree early in the season will help materially in producing prize winners. The vital points to be considered in the selection of the specimens are; freedom from blemishes, uniformity of the individuals, good color, and typical size and shape for the variety. This will be treated at length under Score Card.