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This project will evaluate similarities and differences between three major pedagogues of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries of violin technique: Carl Flesch, Ivan Galamian, and Simon Fischer. Simon Fischer is the most recent of these, and his methods will be the focus of this project. Mr. Fischer teaches at Guildhall School of Music in London and has published a series of technique books, titled Basics and Practice, which are used at many universities around the globe.1 Study of these books will be augmented by interviews and lessons with the author himself. These will be augmented with lessons about Fischer’s techniques with his colleagues at the Guildhall Conservatory and the Royal College of Music, both located in London. , by studying their interpretation of these publications. These personal interactions will be the basis for an analysis of how the introduction of the Basics and Practice series has adapted elements from earlier methodologies from Galamian and Flesch. I will present my research in a lecture-recital in August as well as implement lessons learned and best practices into my personal teaching philosophy.