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Grouse Creek Cultural Survey: Mormon Buckaroo Territory, 1985


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Imagine living in a small ranching and farming community of 80 people, where all the children attend the same tiny rural school until 10th grade, then go 150 miles out of town to finish up high school. Where the only store is a small cooperative called Gone Country that supplies food, gifts, pottery, and in hunting season becomes the "Hamburger Hut." Where the nearest Wal-mart today is 65 miles away in another state. Welcome to Grouse Creek, Utah, home of the Mormon Buckaroo. In the summer of 1985 a team of folklife specialists (folklorists, architectural historians, & historians) from the Library of Congress and Utah spent a couple of weeks living in Grouse Creek, interviewing its people and recording its history and culture. The survey's interviews, photographs, slides, and field notes presented here are digital facsimiles of originals deposited at Utah State University 's Fife Folklore Archives as Folk Collection 21. The digital collection includes a book summarizing the survey's research, written by fieldworkers Thomas Carter and Carl Fleischhauer: The Grouse Creek Cultural Survey: Integrating Folklife and Historic Preservation Field Research (Library of Congress, 1988). Access the complete Grouse Creek Collection online register.