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Facing the Color Line: Race and Ethnicity in Cache Valley


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Merrill-Cazier Library


What was it like to be a minority in Cache Valley during the Civil Rights era? To support this year’s Common Literature Experience, Merrill-Cazier Library presents this digital collection of interviews, images, and documents illustrating attitudes toward race and ethnicity in Cache Valley before and after the events in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957 described by Melba Beals in the book Warriors Don't Cry. Read USU President Daryl Chase’s letters responding to issues centering on black athletes and interracial dating. See the controversy in the pages of the student newspaper in 1969 about housing discrimination in Logan. Trace the evolution of mixed marriage laws in Utah from 1888 to the present. Examine the state of racial relations in Utah during the 1950s and compare them with national attitudes revealed by an excerpt from a 1958 hearing in the U.S. Congressional Record and other documents.