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Au Naturel: (Re)reading Hispanic Naturalism


Au Naturel: (Re)reading Hispanic Naturalism



Literary naturalism, within the Hispanic context, has traditionally been read as a graphic realist school or movement linked predominantly to late nineteenth century literary production. The essays in 'Au Naturel: (Re)Reading Hispanic Naturalism' - written by scholars from different generations, nationalities and ideological backgrounds - propose a major revisionist contribution to the study of Hispanic naturalism. Based on a theoretical proposal that re-semanticizes naturalismo as a diachronic counter-metanarrative phenomenon that transcends the chronological and geographic limitations imposed by traditional criticism on naturalism, the collection provides new readings of traditional naturalist fare as well as re-readings of works that have not been read, within the bounds of conventional criticism, as naturalist. Re-read within the proposed theoretical framework, its essays demonstrate the countless ways in which Hispanic naturalist texts - literary and more recently, filmic - continue to frankly engage the societal problematics that has impeded true social, political, economic and cultural progress from taking place in the Hispanic world from the turbulent fin-de-siecle period of the nineteenth century through the present day, globalized context. 'Au Naturel: (Re)Reading Hispanic Naturalism' is thus also an open invitation to the scholarly community to re-consider other socio-critical works within the Hispanic naturalist context that observe and reflection upon social issues that continue to plague Hispanic society today.




Cambridge Scholars

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Spicer-Escalante, J.P. and Anderson, Laura. Au Naturel: (Re)reading Hispanic Naturalism. Cambridge Scholars, 2010.


First edition.

Au Naturel: (Re)reading Hispanic Naturalism