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This book does not pretend to present a comprehensive history of Utah State University. It cannot. It presents glimpses of that institution, glimpses that can be documented by the photographs preserved in University Archives. Entire areas of the University's past are ignored for no better reason than that no one had an available camera to record them; or that, once recorded, they never found their way into University Archives. The entire story is not told. That is the responsibility of another. I leave it to him. And if these pages are much concerned with the early years when the institution was new, I can only plead that there is where the author's interests are also centeredwhen the land was new and when beginnings were made. This is my book. That must be clearly said, lest others receive opprobrium for the choices and conclusions that are mine alone. Thanks are due to those who tolerated my intolerable delays in producing it and to one who has helped in minimizing the delays and enriching the result: Jeannie. This is my book. It is dedicated to the memory of Andrew Charles Simmonds, I, 1872-1947, who enrolled at Utah State on January 5, 1892-and who wouldn't have believed what's happened since.




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Pictures Past: A Centennial Celebration of Utah State University