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George Bilgere

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"May Swenson Poetry Award Volume 10, with foreward by Edward Field. This poet, you knew from his very first lines, didn't fall for anything phony—his own language is irresistibly no-bullshit down to earth, even sassy.... Coming from one of the ethnic, industrial cities, his work has a gritty element. He recalls all the sorrows of a life—the drunken father, the parents' divorce, his mother's death, his unremitting horniness, his own divorce—nothing special, just what we all have to deal with one way or another. And yet he ends on an almost contented note. Haywire is remarkable for being an essentially happy book, though with an ironic eye cast on such happiness while children are starving. And when he arrives at this, we're glad for him. Here, I felt, was an irresistible, not-so-easy, engaging humanness. Bilgere is a damn good poet. —Edward Field, Judge of the 2006 Swenson Award"