Entrainment and Non-Uniform Transport of Fine Sediment in Coarse-Bedded Rivers

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Conference Paper

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River, Coastal and Esturaine Morphodynamics


Taylor and Francis Group, London

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Entrainment, Non-uniform transport, fine sediment, coarse-bedded rivers

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The transported load in many fluvial systems consists of a significant component of fine- grained sediment. In these systems river morphology is largely determined by deposition of fine sediment on the bed and banks. Existing models for suspended sediment transport focus primarily on sand-covered beds, leavingincompletethetheoreticalandempiricalframeworkforpredictingmorphologicchangeincoarse-bedded systems. We conducted laboratory experiments of suspended sand transport over coarse immobile roughness under conditions of non-uniform transport to examine the migration of sand pulses through a coarse-bedded channel. Results from these experiments have been used to develop a sand entrainment formulation for coarse beds that is based on average sand-bed elevation and the division of the bed sediment into distinct depositional facies. This entrainment model is implemented in a morphodynamic model developed to predict the migration of sand pulses in these environments. Entrainment and non-uniform transport of fine-sediment in coarse-bedded rivers. Available from: http://www.researchgate.net/publication/255589534_Entrainment_and_non-uniform_transport_of_fine-sediment_in_coarse-bedded_rivers [accessed Jun 30, 2015].

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