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New master’s and doctoral graduate instructors in the English department at Utah State spend two hours each week during their first semester working in the campus Writing Center as peer tutors. This practice has many positive outcomes for new students, including building familiarity with composition theory, understanding Writing Center pedagogy, and working with student writers and their texts. These outcomes are particularly beneficial to new master’s students who are entering graduate coursework and university teaching for the first time. On the other hand, new PhD students in Technical Communication & Rhetoric are typically experienced students and teachers but may be novices within the discipline of technical communication. In order to more effectively situate these PhD students within their field of study and prepare them to teach upper division technical communication courses, I propose developing a PhD Writing Fellows program that assigns new PhD students to work with student writers in assigned sections of Technical Communication courses. This Writing Fellows program will allow new PhD students to experience writing tutoring within a specific context, thereby preparing them for teaching within their field.