The California State University Archives and Archivists’ Roundtable is a Community of Practice consisting of archivists that meet regularly online, and annually in person. Communities grow from shared interests, resources, concerns, or endeavors. Communities of practice can grow out of a need for connecting with other people who share the same issues, learning environment, or passions. In this article we describe how the CSUAAR group was founded, how it has evolved, and offers a potential model for other archivists to identify, create, and maintain a community of practice through common needs or interest.

Author Biography

Berlin Loa is an Assistant Professor and the Knowledge River Program Manager at University of Arizona School of Information. Pamela Nett Kruger is the Institutional Repository Librarian and Liaison Librarian to Anthropology, Child Development, and Psychology Departments at California State University, Chico. Both have training in archival theory, library science, and anthropology as well as extensive experience in libraries, archives, and museums. They met and founded the CSU Archives and Archivists' Roundtable while working in CSU libraries.



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