New evidence regarding the Arizona Foot Ball League Championship Cup enhances our understanding of its' provenance as the oldest intercollegiate rivalry trophy in the United States. The story of the Territorial Cup and the 1899-1900 Normals’ football season offers many insights into territorial Phoenix history, archival preservation, memory, and symbolism.

Author Biography

Robert P. Spindler is University Archivist and Head of Archives and Special Collections at the Arizona State University Libraries. He holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in History from Boston University and the Master of Library Science from Simmons College. Spindler is a distinguished Fellow of the Society of American Archivists.

Additional Files

Fig 1 1899 Football Team.tiff (21652 kB)
Fig. 1: The 1899 Normals football team seated on the Grand Staircase outside Old Main, likely January 1900. University Archives Photographs, ASU Libraries.

Haigler Scrapbook 3.jpg (1171 kB)
Fig. 2: Charles Haigler Scrapbook

Fig 3 The_Territorial_Cup_1792.jpg (603 kB)
Fig. 3: The Territorial Cup® as it appeared in 2013. Photo by Tom Story, Media Relations Photographs, University Archives, ASU Libraries.

Fig 4 Protocol.jpg (468 kB)
Fig. 4: The Territorial Cup® Protocol signed by university presidents Coor and Likens. Donor Files, University Archives, ASU Libraries.



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