Aspects of coyote predation on Angora goats

Frederick Knowlton, Utah State University
Lamar A. Windberg
Steven M. Ebbert
Brian T. Kelly


A study to assess characteristics of coyotes (Canis latrans Say) that attack livestock was conducted in southern New Mexico. During 4-16 April 1991, 38 Angora does (Capra hircus L.) and their 34 offspring (kids) were exposed to coyote predation in 3 small experimental free-ranging flocks on the study area. One doe and 14 kids were killed by predators, including at least 12 cases of coyote predation. Coyotes selectively preyed on the smaller kids, and on goats in relatively small groups. Remains of 11 kids killed by predators were cached within the core areas of territorial coyotes. Six of 8 territorial coyotes and 5 of 9 transients (nonterritorial coyotes), with ranges that overlapped the distribution of flocks, consumed goats.