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4-22-2022 4:45 PM

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Literature around the world has changed significantly over the centuries, but people continue to be enthralled by stories that carry many of the same elements, structures, and themes as those stories told hundreds of years ago. Through a sampling of several French literary works coming from the medieval and modern periods, one can see the evolution and relative stability of the fantasy genre in its themes of courage, bravery, honor, and duty. The classic character of the Knight, a person defined by chivalry and honor, which is seen in the Legends of King Arthur circa the 12th-15th centuries, is seen time and time again in the literature of our day through the qualities and values embodied by modern protagonists. The works of literature present in this analysis are: La Légende Arthurienne by Robert Laffont(1989), Les Chroniques des Crépusculaires by Mathieu Gaborit(1995), and La Quête d’Ewilan by Pierre Bottero(2003), all read in their original French. The following analysis will explore their common themes, values, and structures of adventure, as well as offer a brief look at the history and evolution of the French fantasy genre and the inspirational role of medieval fantasy in modern fantasy works.


Apr 22nd, 4:45 PM Apr 22nd, 6:30 PM

Comparison of Themes in Medieval and Modern French Literature

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