A Forgotten Resource Critical to the Future of Behavior Analysis: Undergraduate Psychology Majors

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Behavior Analyst






Association for Behavior Analysis International

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The demand for board-certified applied behavior analysts is not being met, and there is a perception that fewer students are exposed to systematic courses in basic and applied behavior analysis than was true a generation ago. This article outlines how we have successfully implemented an undergraduate curriculum in behavior analysis within a traditional department of psychology. Certification credentials offered by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board facilitated the approval of this curriculum, and the cultural practice selection contingencies that supported the creation of our curriculum in behavior analysis may be similar at other comprehensive universities. Advice for developing an undergraduate program in behavior analysis within a psychology department is outlined. We also summarize strategies we have used to attract talented students to the courses and the significant impact these strategies have had on the number of our graduates who pursue graduate training in basic and applied behavior analysis. Attracting the best and brightest students to behavior analysis is critical to the future of the field.


Originally published by the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI). Publisher's PDF and article fulltext available through remote link via PubMed Central. This article appeared in the Behavior Analyst.
Note: Gregory Madden was affiliated with the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire at time of publication.