Disparities in the Salaries and Appointments of Academic Women and Men


Ernst Benjamin

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American Association of University Professors

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Substantial disparities in salary, rank, and tenure between male and female faculty persist despite the increasing proportion of women in the academic profession. In 1988 Academe published an excerpt from the annual report of Mary Gray, who was then chair of Committee W on the Status of Women in the Academic Profession, exploring this concern. Gray demonstrated that salary disparities between faculty men and women had increased substantially between 1975, when Committee Z on the Economic Status of the Profession began to collect gender-based data, and 1988. She noted also that, though women were gaining access to academic appointments, they were disproportionately relegated to non-tenure-track positions. The following 1998 update of her report has been prepared at the request of Committee W.


Originally published by the American Association of University Professors. HTML fulltext available through remote link.