Academic Scientists at Work: Where'd My Day Go?

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American Association for the Advancement of Science

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"5:30! I hardly got anything done today," your colleague with the curly red hair shouts at you as she passes you in the hall. You think you didn't get anything done either, yet there the two of you are standing in the hall jabbering about how the day went by and nothing got done. You both complain that there was no time to finish your experiments, write your test questions, revise your hot manuscripts, meet with your advisees, help with graduate-student recruiting, design the new Web site for your department, order the food for the department poster session, and pick up the kids from soccer practice at 7:00. But, as you look around, some of your colleagues seem to have it all under control. How do they do it? The simple answer: organization, time management, and a good tolerance for stress. If you want to accomplish what you need to accomplish each day, you need to take control of your time. This article will discuss aspects of time management and planning that are of particular use to academic scientists.


Originally published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. HTML fulltext available through remote link.