Enhancement of the conjugated linoleic acid content of buffalo milk and milk products through green fodder feeding

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Anim. Feed Sci. Technol.

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An attempt was made to increase CLA content in milk of buffaloes by feeding them on Berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum) fodder. Eighteen Murrah buffaloes, having similar milk yield and stage of lactation were divided into three groups. All the groups were offered ad lib. wheat straw during the 60-day experimental period. Their nutritional requirements were fulfilled through a concentrate mixture (Group I), concentrate mixture + Berseem(Group II) and Berseem (Group III). The ratio of Berseem, wheat straw and concentrate in the diet was 0:42:58, 50:25:25 and 87:13:0 on dry matter basis in the three groups, respectively. Milk yield was recorded daily and its chemical composition was determined fortnightly. Milk products such as ghee, paneer and mozzarella cheese were prepared using the milk of each group at fortnightly intervals. There was no effect of dietary treatments on milk yield and its composition. Average total CLA content (mg/g fat) was 7.7, 13.4, 17.0 in milk; 9.1, 13.4, 18.3 in paneer; 8.2, 12.7, 18.8 in ghee and 8.0, 12.0 and 16.3 in cheese in Groups I–III, respectively, showing increase in CLA in milk and milk products (PBerseem feeding. The major fraction of CLA was cis9, trans11 CLA (C18:2), which was highest in Group III followed by Groups II and I. Omega 3 fatty acids content in milk fat was 4.5, 9.9 and 14.2 mg/g in Groups I–III, whereas the value for Omega 6 in respective groups was 16.4, 16.0 and 16.0 mg/g. Similar trends were observed in the corresponding milk products. The values of Omega 3 were higher (0.1) in Group III but there was no change in Omega 6 content due to the dietary treatments. The ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in milk and milk products was 1:1 in Group III, fed mainly on Berseem fodder.